Scott Maher // Official Music Video

We filmed this a couple of weeks before the vote for the same sex marriage referendum on the 22nd May. Scott and the director Lorna Kennedy came up with the idea. Lorna thought it would be best to not feature actors in the video, but rather get real couples involved. This was a stroke of genius and as we filmed this before the Yes side won the vote, it was a very emotional shoot. 

Filmed on Panasonic GH4. Edited with Premiere Pro CC and DaVinci Resolve 11.

Amano // Official Music Video

I'm a big fan of Amano's music so when she approached me to film the music video for "Skies" I was very excited. The stars of the video, Eliza Belward and Tasmin Greene Barker, choreographed the dance together with Amano. "Skies" is a beautiful song from a brilliant singer and songwriter, you should all go and buy the song!

Booka Brass Band Ft. Hannah Grace // Live Music Video

This cover of the new "Fifry Shades of Grey" version of Beyoncés classic "Crazy in love by Booka Brass Band featuring powerful vocals of the Welsh singer/songwriter Hannah Grace, is brilliant. I am very lucky to be able to film performances such as these. 

Showreel 2014 // AJ Film

A showcase of my work over the last year. Featuring footage of amazing musicians such as Hudson Taylor, The Riptide Movement, We Were Giants,  Scott Maher and Seo Linn. Thanks to all the great actors and directors I have worked with on some great short films. All footage in the reel is my own. Big thanks to Sean Bradford of No Compromise Productions for creating the intro title animation for AJ Film. 

Thanks guys, 


We Were Giants // Official Music Video

I knew from the moment I met these guys that this video was going to be interesting. The first thing Stephen, Colm, Danny and Jason said, was that they wanted this video to revolve around and involve a dancer and lots of slow motion. And that's just what we did. We were lucky on the day of filming that the sun was shining, giving me a lovely circular light coming through a high window in the lovely room filmed. This was what allowed us to film all the dust filled shots in the video. This song is a very meaningful one to the band, so to be entrusted with making the video for it was a privilege.  Enjoy.  

Seo Linn // Official Music Video

My latest music video filmed I for the Irish band "Seo Linn". I love the Irish language and lost touch with it since being in school. So when I was approached by "Seo Linn" to make the video for their new single I was delighted to be taking on another Irish language project. The story of the video was inspired by the message of the song, that many voices are stronger than one. Starring David Howard and thanks to Lawrence and Stephen for featuring as extras. 

Lucky Bones // Official Music Video

I filmed this one back in July for "Lucky Bones". With great performances from Seán Doyle & Amilia Stewart, and lots of symmetry, we had a blast filming it! 

The single is out now on iTunes here

Hudson Taylor // World Without You

We spent the day with Harry & Alfie of "Hudson Taylor", as they busked in Dublin city centre. The sun was out, and the lads couldn't have asked for a better crowd. Thanks to Adam Rael and David Howard for helping me film it on the day.