The Story

On Set of Seo Linn (2017)

AJ Film has been creating film for client distribution since 2010. We can produce a wide array of video content to suit your needs including:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Official Music Videos
  • Live Music Videos
  • Editing
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Camera Operating
  • Self Tapes
  • Application Videos

We can work together with you on your project from inception through to completion.

On Set 2015

Founder & Director  //  Andrew Jordan

AJ Film's founder Andrew Jordan, is an award winning Director & Editor. Having started work while still in school, in the seven years since he has built a vast portfolio encompassing a wide variety of music videos, short films, advertisements and corporate videos. As well as being an experienced director & cinematographer, whilst in film school he specialised in the craft of editing. 


Producer  //  Bobby Byrne

Bobby & Andrew first worked together as producer and director on the short film Corrigendum in 2014. Since then Bobby has produced several short films, music video & corporate videos with Andrew. With over 60 production credits to his name he brings his experience of working on large scale feature films to AJ Film. Their most recent short has been selected for multiple festivals worldwide.